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Young girls looking at caught trout

Trout Haven Fishing

Here’s a bit of interesting history about Trout Haven and us (from what we’ve learned from previous owners and guests). Trout Haven and Fish ‘N Fry have both been in existence in the Black Hills for over 60 years! Both have provided family fun and fishing for guests for many years. They have stocked rainbow trout for guests to catch and have a fun experience. In fact, for one short time many years ago, one person owned both businesses. Recently, Trout Haven has been closed for most of their activities. Fish N Fry is still providing fishing, camping and cabins for their guests and for the general public. You do not have to be camped here in order to enjoy the fishing. We have all of the bait and poles for you, and we provide a license for the entire park. We generally fish from 8 am to 6:30 pm daily. You pay for the fish by the size you catch, and then we clean them for you. We can pack them for you on ice, or we can cook them up for you here in the cafe’. Do you have some family who don’t enjoy eating fish? We have a full menu for them to “catch” a burger, pizza, or chicken!